About us

Changing the narrative about African women in STEM.

Visceral Podcast is changing the narrative about women in STEM. We broadcast our message through thought-provoking podcasts, engaging news on STEM, and intelligent profiles highlighting accomplishments of women in the STEM disciplines.


Now here’s where it gets personal:

We promote women in STEM across Africa. These women are pioneering scientific advancement on the continent, and are at the heart of our work. Our goal is to promote strong examples of women in STEM and inspire young African women to pursue lifelong career goals in the STEM disciplines.


We chose podcasting as our primary format because it offers a unique opportunity to attract loyal listeners who are interested in science, technology and innovation in Africa through stories inspired by African, women, scientists.


Visceral Podcast began with a major realization. There wasn’t an engaging platform where African women scientists could talk about their groundbreaking accomplishments in the STEM disciplines.

Don’t get us wrong, Visceral Podcast isn’t the first to weigh in on the importance of the STEM disciplines and bring interesting science stories to mainstream media; but it is the first to only highlight African women scientists in the STEM fields.

Visceral Podcast fills this gap by offering an easily accessible media outlet to tell compelling stories about women’s scientific achievements on the African continent.


Michelle Roseborough ditched the life of insecurity as a development consultant and researcher in pursuit of a more “fitting” and equally insecure job as a podcast showrunner. She lives between South Africa and the US, and spends much of her time consuming endless amounts of social media content and planning for a marathon she’ll most likely never run. When she’s not fantasizing about the STEM career she should’ve had, she’s busy conducting quirky interviews with Africa’s most intelligent women in STEM.

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